How To Handle Flood Damage in Southern California

Southern California has been suffering catastrophic weather for the last few months. We continue to encounter unprecedented rain and historic snowstorms, leading to numerous leaking and flooding problems outside and inside our homes. Unfortunately, the aftermath of this water damage can be further traumatic for many home and business owners. It can lead to property damage, structural problems, aesthetic concerns, and even health issues.

It is essential to know how extreme weather can lead to water events in our homes and businesses, why it is dangerous, what to do in a water damage emergency, and how to deal with aftermath flood damage. Our comprehensive article will answer all your pressing questions. Yet, if you need immediate help, don’t hesitate to contact Green Planet Restoration for assistance.

The Dangers of Excessive Rain

Southern California residents know all too well how quickly excessive rain can become a significant problem. However, they may not be aware of all the ways it can threaten their home or business. Stay alert for these water damage issues:


Since we are used to warmer, sunnier weather here in Southern California, cracks or holes on the exterior of our home may not be noticeable. Yet, when a large amount of rain hits, these weaknesses quickly expose themselves. Common culprits include windows, doors, roofs, and foundation siding. You may notice subtle rain damage signs at first, including stains on the ceiling or walls, mold growth on surfaces, or building debris in your downspouts. However, it may be more evident with drops of water or pooling water.

Leaks may appear minor; however, they should not be neglected. If it keeps raining, it can create larger problems, such as flooding. Additionally, leaks can be considered a water damage emergency. If the area is not dried and sanitized professionally by a water damage cleanup and repair team, you risk property damage and mold growth.


Floods are a rising concern, especially as Southern California gears for more rain this month. There are multiple ways extreme weather and natural disasters can reach your home:

  • Overflows: Lakes, rivers, and streams may rise, causing flooding on your property. Additionally, storm drains may suffer debris blockages and water overflow leading to extensive flooding. Water can enter a ground-level building through windows and doors or from extreme force pushing through saturated building materials.
  • Foundation Cracks: Flooding can also occur due to cracks or holes in a home foundation. Groundwater will move swiftly through the cracks, causing more significant problems and flooding the first floor or basement.
  • Inadequate Drainage Measures: Many homes have drainage systems, and sump pumps to help pump and drain excessive water. However, in some cases, they may fail due to power outages, periodic maintenance, or poor design or installation. In these situations, basements fill with flood water.

Why Is Outdoor Water So Dangerous?

Water damage is serious, whether leaks or floods result from indoor issues or outdoor weather. It can range in intensity from class 1 water damage (minor damage) to class 4 (catastrophic amount of water and damage). All classes of water damage can be threatening, however, clean-up and repair measures may vary.

Outdoor flooding is particularly dangerous. Since this water comes from an unknown or unsanitary source, professionals refer to it as category 3 water damage. Effectively, it is more than just rain damage; it may also contain human or animal waste, dirt, debris, bacteria, and viruses. If individuals come into contact with these substances, they can suffer life-threatening illnesses. Accordingly, any flood damage should be handled by a certified water extraction and cleanup crew. They have the knowledge, experience, equipment, and safety gear to handle unsanitary water and take care of your property.

What To Do If I Encounter a Leak or Flood?

If you spot signs of rain damage or flood damage within your home or business, treat it as a water damage emergency. At the first sign of problems, call a trusted water damage restoration company to assess and fix the situation.

1. Evaluate the Leak or Flood

In some flooding events, your safety may be at risk. It is important to assess the situation, evacuate yourself and others, and return when it is safe to do so. Fortunately, when you are dealing with minor leaks or seepage, you may be able to identify and stop water entry; alternatively, water damage technicians can help locate the source of the problem.

2. Assess the Water Damage

When dealing with leaks and floods, you should call a professional water damage cleanup and repair team to handle the job. They can evaluate your home or business for safety issues, such as structural problems or utilities damage. Then, they will move forward with examining the situation and water damage at hand. The extent of the damage depends on how much water entered the building, what type of water it was, how fast it was moving, how quickly it saturated items, and how long the water was left standing.

3. Clean Up, Sanitize, and Dry

Emergency clean-up crews will work quickly to perform water extraction, remove damaged items and materials, set up industrial drying and dehumidifying equipment, and clean and sanitize affected areas. In this way, they can prevent further water damage, porous material rot, mold growth, and bugs or vermin. They will also prevent individuals from coming in contact with hazardous materials or substances.

4. Repair and Restore

If your home or business suffered property or structural damage, water damage teams can complete repair and restoration. When you encounter light rain damage, this may only involve repairing the roof and replacing a portion of your ceiling. However, excessive water damage may require tearing out and restoring entire portions of a building. In either case, water restoration companies will make your home or business look new again.

How to Deal with Flood Damage Aftermath

It can be difficult to evacuate your home and business, coming back to extensive rain or flood damage in your home. After all, it may have been necessary to leave for days to weeks. Since this time frame is lengthy, you may face some serious difficulties, such as contaminated possessions and furniture, completely saturated porous materials, structural damage, and mold contamination.

Similar to emergency clean-up crews, water damage teams will carry out water extraction, clean up, sanitization, and drying. However, they will also remove and dispose of damaged property, perform a large amount of water damage restoration, and handle mold remediation. In this manner, you can feel safe and at ease again in your own home or business.

Find A Professional Flood Damage Restoration Near Me

If you are dealing with rain damage or flood damage due to this exceptional weather, contact a water damage emergency team you can rely on. At Green Planet Restoration, we provide water extraction, water damage cleanup and repair, and water damage restoration services to Southern California. Contact us today for assistance!

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